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Welcome to Crystal Clear Moments' Blog! | Temple Texas Photographer

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Everything Under the Sun Photography: Travel, How-To's, Mistakes, What I Have Learned

My name is Crystal and I generally take photos of everything, everywhere I go; for as long as I can remember. I live in Central Texas but I am very fortunate to call many places home.

A palm reader in New Orleans once told me that I live the life of a gypsy and it is important for the world to be told the stories of the many places and people I encounter on my journey. I intend to do just that from the other side of my lens.

I plan to cover my adventures (travel) photography, how I started my business - Crystal Clear Moments Photography, client guides, session guides, how to's, events, mistakes I have made - what I have learned from them: as a photographer and as a business owner.

Stay Tuned!

Please leave a comment of questions, things you would like to know or for me to cover in the blog! I look forward to connecting with you all through life experiences!


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