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4 Tips on Choosing the Right Photographer for YOU | Temple Texas Photographer

There is more to consider than you think!

This post is to provide you some tips on how to select the photographer that is right for you.

While the common advice on how to pick a photographer is solely based upon the genre of photography... there is more to it than that. My advice is to have a CLEAR idea of the genre, editing style, vibe & price point you want for your photos.


What do photographers mean by their genre?

You can think of a genre for photographers as their specialty. Here are a few examples:

  • Wedding Photographer

  • Lifestyle or Candid Photographer (Un-posed & Natural)

  • Portrait, General or Traditional Photographer (Posing & Guidance)

  • Food, Product & Branding Photographer (Headshots, Business Marketing, etc.)

  • Landscape, Travel & Adventure Photographer

Why is a photography genre important to consider?

First, what do you want photographed? Some photographers specialize in Families, Maternity, Weddings, etc. The genre of your photographer matters for a few different reasons: vision, skill & let's be honest - price point. The same reason why you wouldn't ask an Olympic swimmer to kick a field goal in a football game is the same reason why you wouldn't ask a Lifestyle Photographer to do a posed family session or a Wedding Photographer to capture a sporting event.

Even though each photographer has a wide range of skills and can probably pull off your request, it may not meet the energy, editing style, vibe & price point you had in mind.

Editing Styles

Why is it important to consider a photographer's editing style?

Each photographer has their own photographic niche - this can be present in camera settings, angles, focus, and *drum roll please* editing style. This is why three photographers can be at the same event and each photo will look a little different. Here are a few examples of the trending editing styles:

  • True to Color / Natural / Classic

  • Light & Airy

  • Dark & Moody (Warm/Orange or Cool/blue)

  • Black & White

How will I know which editing style is my favorite?

After you have gathered a list of potential photographers in your area, begin by browsing through their portfolios on Facebook, their website, Instagram etc. (not just one photo - all of them) and ask yourself: can I imagine my family in the photos that I'm seeing, do I like the colors, the focus, the style? Do I like the background blurry (bokeh) or in focus?

Here is my take on a few of the trending editing styles:

True to Color / Natural / Classic

Light & Airy

Dark & Moody (This one is warm - which is the most common right now). But, I totally butchered this edit - this is why choosing the right photographer for your editing preference is SO important!

Black & White

Keep in mind, I am a true to color photographer so my variations of the other editing styles may not be an accurate depiction for ALL photographers.


How can photography be a vibe?

I don't mean the photography as much as I do the photographer. Reach out to the few photographers on your list that meet your editing style and choose someone that you like! Are you looking for a professional personality or someone who is going to make you laugh and feel comfortable? So select someone that you feel confident with. If you don't, your body language may shine through in the photos.

Price Point

The prices for local photographers rollercoaster. Know what your budget is and what you can afford, but if possible, don't let the price be the main factor in your decision.

Photography is a luxury and you are paying for more than someone to push a button and boss you around. You are paying for equipment, props, programs, creativity, years of skills and techniques - the hours behind the scenes scouting locations, studying the sun at each spot during every season, culling through hundreds of photos, face swapping of the perfect photo... except Dad blinked (sorry Dad's but it's always you).

If you go to a salon to get your hair cut, you are paying for a specialty, a technique and a skill. The same reason most of us take our cars to get oil changes and tune-ups; we are paying for the expertise that you can't otherwise do yourself. Photography is the same.

Some moments in life, only happen once and they are gone. Make sure that you pick the photographer that specializes in the genre of photos that you are looking for, with the editing style you prefer, and the vibe that matches you and your family; if you have to pay a little more to get what you want (like that cute purse), so be it.


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